Howdy from St Charles MO


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Been away from Jeeping for about a year now. Sold my 18 JLUR for a 19 RAM, needed a truck. I missed my Jeep to much, so yesterday I traded my RAM for a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave Hydro Blue. So glad to back in a Jeep. I have had Jeeps for almost 40 years, with only 2 breaks. Last year and one about 10 years ago that lasted 3 months.

The name "Extorsion" came from my wife only agreeing to the trade if I agreed to pay for a 2 trips for her. Hmmmmmm, win win situation, I get a Jeep and she goes out of town.


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Lol. Welcome. That's a beautiful Jeep. First I've seen of the Blue Mojave. It's gorgeous. Be prepared for lots of comments and questions on the street. Trust me.
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